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Fnorb Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of Fnorb!

Fnorb is a CORBA 2.0 ORB for Python first developed by DSTC. Fnorb's claim to fame is its size and pure python implementation. These features allow it to be used whever python may used (for example, within Jython) unlike other ORBs that rely on binary runtimes.

Unfortunately Fnorb development fell behind other ORBs as research priorities changed at DSTC. Now that it has been open sourced our project aims to take the formerly closed Fnorb source-base and turn it into a pure-python ORB with up-to-date Python mapping and CORBA compliance (including POA support and the latest data-types).

Future Plans

The best source of information is the fnorb mailing list and SourceForge task manager. Eventually we will put together a more concrete development plan.


Our development is hosted at SourceForge. There you will find the latest source releases and to do lists. Please use the trackers provided to submit bugs, patches, and feature requests.

We encourage all users to join our mailing list. To subscribe send mail to with a body of:

subscribe fnorb

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